Scheming politicians_ are there other types?

Have always known that nothing unites

People as readily as a common enemy

To the Shias Satan is a Sunni

Hitler used the Jews Paisley pointed at Papists

The Chinese blame Dalai Lama and the Buddhists.

In India the age-old Hindu Muslim divide

Has triggered many a deadly fratricide.

This woeful practice can be said to’ve taken shape

When the Shah Jehan was followed by Aurangzeb

Who specialised in destroying Hindu temples

And did not hesitate on their rights to trample

Introducing a forcible conversion program

We burn your village unless you convert to Islam.

The partition of India ripped out the swab

And exposed the bleeding sore beneath the scab.

Narendranath Modi was always aware

That if he engineered a Muslim scare

His fundamentalist Hindu faction

Could end up ruling the whole nation.

For centuries they played a game of tit for tat

Often more than exchanging insults and brickbats

A woman is raped in a Hindu village

And Muslims are treated to arson and pillage.

In a mandir a decaying and putrid

Ghai’s head is worth a dead pig in a masjid.

It’s been like that since the beginning of history

But it’s enough to look at events post- Babri

The destruction of this Muslim place of worship

Did the fragile co-existence fatally rip

Modi followed this by a masterful campaign

Swearing that he was the man to erase the stain

Of Muslim presence on the pure Hindu landscape

Wiping out the blots of the original rape

Carried out by Mughal emperors and their hordes

Murderously sweping Hindu rights overboard.

It’s not untrue that Pakistan Intelligence

Committed untold acts of belligerence

In India, but the killing of Hindu pilgrims

By arson on that Godhra train by Muslims

Was pure invention _ it was just an accident

But it was a godsend to use as incitement

For a profitable campaign of hatred

Tantamount to the waving of a red

Rag to an angry bull in a china shop

The killing started which he did nothing to stop

Winking at his mainly Hindu police force

To allow the killing to run its course

Refusing to let extra men leave their barracks

Whilst angry Hindus unleashed their lethal attacks

Killing defencelss women and their babies

Burning huts stocks goats chickens and fruit trees.

The attacks left over two thousand lifeless

Over one hundred thousand people homeless

Three hundred mosques and dargahs flattened

So many hopes and dreams coming to an end

It was impossible to count how many rapes

How many near misses and narrow escapes.

He’s now ready for the next election

And campaigns for Hindu domination

Which his BJP party wins by a landslide

In the affairs of man there is indeed a tide.

The toothless international community

Is convinced that he acted with impunity

In conniving in the massacre of thousands

And imposes upon him _ travel bans

He is for many a persona non grata

But he acts like it does not matter.

The tactics that worked for Gujarat

Will be applied to the whole of Bharat

And this barely educated sinister

Man ends up as India’s prime minister

Modi did not need to be a genius

When like a wand he can wave Muslim animus

His Open Sesame, the syllogism

I’ll do anything to curtail the Muslims

Ergo I’m a defender of the Hindu

And therefore manifestly the man for you.

The moment he’s in the need of a poll booster

He introduces a punitive measure

Order a mandir built on a Muslim shrine

The polls go up the more the Muslims whine.

One valuable trump card he flashed was to strip

Muslims of Assam the Indian citizenship.

Another one was good value for money

Revoke Kashmir’s state of semi-autonomy.

So new elections and a landslide victory

Obviously down to his hate-filled oratory.

He presides o’er decay and growing poverty

Vanishing of India’s erstwhile spirituality.

Muslims accused of killing cow and eating beef

Causing them unimaginable grief

There are more and more instances of rape

With the perpetrators managing to escape.

He’s been doing all right Jack consolidating

His hold hoping for further upgrading

When a punch in the face, a proper knock-out

In the shape of the pandemic broke out.

Though India is a scientific powerhouse

He is ill-equipped to deal with the covid louse

This semi-literate man is deaf to science

He’ll only heed to the voice of his conscience

He believes in the power of prayers

He’s had solid guarantees from his soothsayers

With elections looming he needs speeches, rallies

He must mingle with crowds, be seen kissing babies.

The inevitable duly happened

With a million dead forecast, Heaven forfend!

Weep weep for the good people of Lakshadweep

An archipelago in the Arabian Sea

It’s pristine beauty, peaceful life-style ain’t for keeps

Its Muslims a thorn in the flesh of Mister Modi

Two hundred kilometres from the Indian coast

Once justly known as India’s jewel in the ocean

They’ll inevitably lose the right to this boast

Now that Modi has appointed his own minion

Praful Khoda Patel to be his proconsul

To deal with those turbulent Muslims islanders

Once his trusted minister, he’s very hopeful

That he’d happily carry out all his orders

The people used to catch tuna and milk their goats

They prayed, had picnics on the beach and did not drink

Were experts at diving, swimming and mending boats

Their society was crime-free they needed no clink

All this was soon to change once Patel had landed

The Consumption of beef was now made unlawful

But of all his measures the most heavy-handed

Was the brazen lifting of the ban on alcohol

Patel drew a slew of new punitive measures

Dear to the heart of his master in New Delhi

Detention without trial would delight for sure

The divisive bigot Shri Narendra Modi-jee

Land confiscation without due compensation

Which surely fan the flames of Muslim anger will

Since it’s all too clear that it’s Praful’s intention

To build a good number of Hindu mandils

To encourage devout Hindutva to emigrate

To this Muslim paradise, compete and prosper

So they can take over, dominate and dictate

Until the Muslims, in their own land turn paupers

Praful’s boss would have opened wide his eyes with glee

About who’s eligible for council office_

Oh the originality of my man’s decree!

More than two kids, and you are disbarred in a trice



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San Cassimally

San Cassimally

Prizewinning playwright. Mathematician. Teacher. Professional Siesta addict.