Mirror mirror on the wall/ Who is the vilest of them all?

The answer: This is the man

Now that Nero has been rehabilitated, we need a new name to head the league table of villains. I propose Fulgencio Batista president of Cuba before Castro ousted him.It would be interesting for others to nominate their candidate.

The obvious ones, Hitler, Pol Pot, Donald Trump, Genghis Khan, King Leopold of Belgium etc, whatever their crimes, had an agenda, often a warped one, purporting to benefit their country, albeit at the expense of others, and millions of lives. Fulgencio had no such agenda. Cuba was there for him to exploit, to sell to the American mafia, to enrich himself, fuck school girls, with no attempt to solve the country’s problems. I nominate him.


That Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar

Died in his bed of a heart attack in Madrid

Must be one of the most outstandingly bizarre

End of one guilty of so many things lurid

So many thefts, so many deeds murderous

So many acts ignoble and treacherous.

Take any murd’ring monster in recent hist’ry

Saddam Hussein, Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot

They’d all claim to be working for the glory

Of their country, approve of their methods or not.

Hitler with his thousand-year aims for Germania

Pol Pot to get rid of exploiters and foreign slime

Saddam to become king of a strong Arabia

Benito to have Italian trains run on time

Not the man who turned to the U.S. Mafia

To build two thousand super whorehouses

For rich pricks from Eisenhower’s America

Luciano, Lansky and similar louses.

Eisenhower was gen’rous supplying weapons

To help Batista deal with his hungry Cubans

The CIA had informed him that for the good

Of any country guns were much better than food.

Batista had no ambitions for his country

His main aims: to acquire more and more money

The freedom to seduce and fuck teenage schoolgirls

And be left alone for fun with like-minded churls.

Whilst schools closed bordellos and casinos opened

Operated and patronised by the Yanks

Who come to Havana to spend, spend and spend

With the dictator receiving grateful thanks

Believed to be ten percent of nightly takings

’Twas easier to buy morphine than aspirin

With Fidel and Che waiting in the wings

Clearly a revolution was in the making

Prizewinning playwright. Mathematician. Teacher. Professional Siesta addict.