Jules Laforgue Franco-Uruguayan poet

Laforgue was born in 1860 in Uruguay of French parents. He was greatly influenced by impressionism and his poetry has been described as part-symbolist part-impressionist. Renoir is said to have been influenced by him. His poem Aquarelle en cinq minutes printed here and in an English translation could easily be translated into impressionist art.

Aquarelle en cinq minutes

Oh ! oh ! le temps se gâte,

L’orage n’est pas loin,

Voilà que l’on se hâte

De rentrer les foins !…

L’abcès perce !

Vl’à l’averse !

O grabuges

Des déluges !….

Oh ! ces ribambelles

D’ombrelles !….

Oh ! cett’ Nature

En déconfiture ! ….

Sur ma fenêtre,

Un fuchsia

A l’air paria

Se sent renaître….

English translation

An aquarelle in five minutes

Storm is coming

Thunder clouds are looming

Here we are hastening

To collect the hay in

The boil is lanced

The downpour has commenced

The commotion

Of Inundation!

So many fellas

With umbrellas

Oh discomfiture

Of Nature

On my window

A fucked-up


Begins to glow

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