Eighty years ago, the Germans committed one of their most heinous crimes, in Kyiv, Ukraine. This extract from my novel “Magnetite” may be fiction, but the facts of the tragedy have been respected.

The Babi Yar Memorial, Kyiv

Everybody had been expecting it, the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact notwithstanding. His sister Olga had come for a visit…

This is an extract from my forthcoming novel Tambalacoque

Statue of the pirate Surcouf in his home-town St Malo

The fact that Robert Surcouf was named captain in his teens _ he was nineteen and a half _ shows what a unique individual he must have been. He had been the Royal Navy’s biggest headache for over twenty years, capturing…

A Boris Johnson, but any aubergine will do. (Photo Hakim Cassimally)

(i) The batter

1 1/2 cup gram flour (200cc). AKA besan

1 cup water (150 ml)

Pinch of baking powder

High BP oil like sunflower, rapeseed or corn oil (not olive oil). The best is rice oat oil!

1/2 teasp salt

Black pepper to taste.

Mix thoroughly until…

Rainbow by Rafael Garcin (Unsplash)

A scatological poem

A prism will split white light into seven hues

Red, orange, yellow, green, violet and the two blues

My intestines will also split the foods I eat

Red if I indulge in cherries or pickled beet

Blue when I go overboard with blueberries

And yellow when I…

The scene of the shooting

Mario was a Querdenker*, a plonker

An anti-vaxxer, a climate denier

A far-right fanatic and activist

A rabid racist white supremacist

He was also a budding alcoholic

Who led a life chaotic and shambolic.

As he drove past the signpost Idar-Oberstein

He remembered he needed beer and wine

For Saturday…

A burgundy-coloured bus

Between two and three in the afternoon

Buses are rare and come once in a blue moon.

At the Bus Stop in front of Usher Hall

There are two men, one tall, one rather small.

The small chap plays a game on his i-phone

Whilst the taller one makes a…

………………………….. Haroon the apprentice tailor ……………………….

First, dear friends, I will begin by telling you about the Caliph. It was no less than our venerated Haroun al Rashid who started the tradition. He used to dress in poor man’s garb and go out incognito in the night, into the haunts…

Falafel and Shirazi Wine

Old Bagdad (wiki)

Our beloved country with the wise and generous Saddam Hussein Abdel Majeed al-Tikriti …

may he rot in gehenna!

… at the helm, was not always so prosperous and so happy. When he is not on the scene, his sons Qusay and Uday, handsome as princes, who never sleep watch…

Pierre de Ronsard is among the earliest known French poet. He was born in 1524, in a family of nobles. He was considered to be the lead-ing light of the Renaissance movement, Les Pléiades. …

San Cassimally

Prizewinning playwright. Mathematician. Teacher. Professional Siesta addict.

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